Yoga for Cyclists


Revolutionise Your Ride

“I love cycling, I love the wind in my hair, the burn, the speed, the views. I love my fitness skyrocketing and geeking out on Strava in between. This package puts together a decade of teaching yoga to over 25,000 clients to share the best useful tips with my fellow cyclists. For mobility, longjevity and injury prevention”

Cat Duval

Athletes have now discovered the power of yoga practice to improve their performance.  The benfits of yoga can revolutionise your ride and help you handle those intense climbs but also improving your range of movement and so you can ride further, faster, for life.

Healthy Happy Cycling

Designing a personalised yoga sequence to compliment your cycle fitness routine has the capacity to change your game. Specifically aligned dynamic and static stretch sequences combined with breathwork can change how you hold your body both in and out of the saddle to ultimately prevent injury, improve focus and promote longevity.

Personalised Coaching

Cat is a senior yoga teacher with a decade of experience offering one to one programmes for clients looking to deepen their practice. This new 12 week coaching programme is available for keen cyclists who want to feel good cycling for years to come, and for those avid cyclists who are ready to use yoga practices to take their cycling to the next level.

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