Social Yoga Teacher Training

Social yoga inspires us to let go, trust and be playful in our practice. It gives us the support to be held and the confidence to fly. It adds a deeply healing dimension to your yoga practice through the simple act of bringing people together.

Yoga that connects us 

The science says we need physical human contact at least 8 times a day for 20 seconds each time minimum to survive, 10 times a day to live normally and 12 times a day to thrive. One thing is for sure, we need more platonic touch than we are getting in our adult lives on average. ‘Skin hunger’ is a thing and it’s showing in the stats – loneliness is as dangerous to our health as smoking. Social yoga is all about creating positive opportunities for human contact, in ways that build trust, collaboration, teamwork, partnership, conscious communication and compassionate listening skills. All the buzz words of the day taken care of with a little stretch between friends – what are you waiting for? 

Specialise as a Teacher

This is your chance to offer something unique to your studio, and your community and draw everyone closer together.



Create a culture of collaboration

Bringing communities closer together by working in pairs and groups doing yoga flows, games and poses together on the mat is a huge benefit to team bonding.  Social yoga is a fun way of engaging teams and inspiring them to understand each other better and hence work more collaboratively off the mat – all while boosting overall health and wellbeing! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Carve a new path, post #metoo

Feel grounded and inspire safe spaces with our training on consent, touch and boundaries so you can create atmospheres that encourage safe human connection.  Build confidence in others and open the door to a new way of communicating from an authentic and empowered place.

Want to join the movement for change and help people bond, trust and grow?


We think loneliness, anxiety and workaholism is fuelled by disconnection. We need to put our phones down and pick our friends up!

This training offers you deeply healing tools and practices to take to your communities that fulfill our fundamental need for human touch and connection. The skills are applicable to workplace wellbeing, mindfulness in schools, conscious relating for couples and ceremonial or celebratory occasions.

Social Yoga is all about supporting healthy relationship building, inspiring trust and collaboration and help us achieve together what we could never do alone.  It is about spark a movement for change towards a more connected world.

We are looking for a tribe of teachers who are ready to melt the ice of isolation and transform communities into consciously relating, boundaried, empowered and embodied yoga ninjas. Let us bring the next dimension to yoga practice for every body and make yoga a social experience.

So book a chat with Cat to discuss what inspires you to join the Social Yoga movement for change.

New and existing yoga teachers, coaches, therapists, teachers and facilitators all eligible to apply

This course will take place over 6 weekends over 8 months plus coursework to ensure sufficient training time, assimilation of the course material and embodiment of poses and flows in order to teach confidently.

Course Details

Social Yoga Teacher Training:

The Principles and Practices of Yoga for Social Inclusion

200 / 300 hour

  • 9 x weekends in London, UK: 140 hours
  • 100+ hours coursework
  • Social Inclusion Mentorship Programme 60 hours

Training Syllabus

9 x Weekends 

Chocolate Studios, London

2020 – 2021 Dates: 20 hour per weekend


5-6th Sept 2020.  Weekend 1: Social Yoga & Yoga Foundations.  

The principles and practices of yoga for social inclusion: including group, partner and acroyoga foundation

3-4th October 2020. Weekend 2: The Essence of Teaching Social Yoga 

31st Oct – 1t Nov 2020. Weekend 3: Partner Yoga

28th – 29th November 2020. Weekend 4: Acroyoga Fundamentals

2nd – 3rd Jan 2021. Weekend 5:  The Anatomy and Physiology of Partner Practice

6th – 7th Feb 2021. Weekend 6:  Social Yoga Specialisms & Family Yoga

6th – 7th March 2021.   Weekend 7: The Art and Business of bring a Social Yoga Teacher. 

The Business of Being and SY Yoga Teacher & Conscious Business Ethics and Practice

4rd – 5th April 2021. Weekend 8: Teaching Acroyoga Teaching

8-9th May 2021. Weekend 9: Social Yoga Festival 

Social yoga celebration, acroyoga jam and 200 hr graduation ceremony



  • Personal Practice Time (3 hrs per week)
  • Deliver 6 week social yoga course
  • Deliver 6 week partner yoga course
  • Write a social inclusion course for a specific marginalised group
  • Run monthly social yoga jams with friends
  • Create a detailed blog article on each module
  • Submit monthly videos of practices
  • Building social yoga communities
  • Social yoga brand values – sharing the message
  • Attending group coaching sessions once a month


Empowered Learning


  • Mentoring Sessions available throughout the course
  • Ongoing peer support through our ‘Yogi Buddy’ system
  • Monthly group coaching calls
  • Community support through private Facebook group for teaching community
  • Access to ongoing pastoral care through our membership programme with access to resources, themed classes, further reading and mentorship opportunities


The certification does not define the training as it is for anyone who feels it has value in your profession or personal development journey. However certification does offer regulation on the quality of the course. Our course is registered with the Yoga Alliance for Professionals. It is open to experienced yoga teachers as well as those who facilitate groups and or have another embodied practice and would like to incorporate yoga into their teaching.  The 200 hour structure gives you 200 hour Social Yoga Teacher Training certified by the Yoga Alliance for Professionals.

This Course offers you:

  • Specialist Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • 200 hour Teacher Training Certification in “Social Yoga: Yoga for Social Engagement”
  • Certified with the Yoga Alliance for Professionals
  • All graduates have 1 enhanced DBS check included in their package

Participation does not guarantee certification and insurance and YAP membership is not included.

Further Courses

Advanced Teacher Training Programme: 100 hour Continued Professional Development (CPD) enabling teachers to graduate as 300 hour teachers with the Yoga Alliance for Professionals.

Mentorship: Professional 121 and group coaching through our 12 week mentoriship programmes

Alumni peer to peer support for graduates through our ‘Social Life’ programme

Create Intentional Communities 

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