Men's Mental Health

1 in 8 men have a common mental health issue in the UK and suicide represents the biggest killer for men under 50.

When the Prodigy’s front man and rave icon Keith Flint took his own life it left a mark on us all to take a closer look at the issue of men’s mental health.  

In honour of him I am offering FREE consultations for men who approach me with the intention of managing their mental and emotional health and live happier lives.  


You are definitely not alone.


Reaching out for help is one of the most robust ways we can build a support network that eases mental tension and takes the pressure off.  There is no wisdom in staying isolated.  Having emotionally supportive, non-judgemental relationships are vital for anyone’s mental health.  Owning our vulnerabilty is a takes a special kind of courage in any human.  Today the warrior spirit is in looking life in the eye and owning what is ours, to learn to be the best we can be, notice what helps and what hinders us and do more of the stuff that helps us grow.

A man who can speak his vulnerability and recognise himself within it is a strong man indeed.  And for that to be possible and in balance it all starts with owning what is ours and what is not. Where other people’s projections end and inner critic begins.  The world of personal development offers so many strategies and tools but which ones are the right ones, and how do they fit together? Who fucking knows! It’s different for everyone. So as a big fuck you to toxic masculinity and a big up ya chest to self empowerment and putting it in your hands to get out of it what you put into it.

These practices give you the power to turn down the volume on demand of internal rubbish that you don’t need to be listenning to or engaging with.  Pressures, thoughts, painful memories, trauma, and the stories around what we have made that mean.  We all do it, it’s human nature – we are meaning making machines. But in reality we can’t control what happens but we can choose how we respond.

The practices we cover allow you to turn up the volume on kindness and compassion to yourself as well as people you care for, and step up inside yourself to be truly empowered, nothing to prove. The new kind of power is one who leans in to intimacy warts and all and embraces it.  For that to be real we must stay emotionally switched-on, alive and heart-centred and support one another to grow, make mistakes, recover, learn – expand as humans.


There are a million tools and practices to choose from.  Cat Duval has worked in the field of yoga and wellbeing for a decade running workshops, personal coaching and events all over Europe enabling clients to set themselves free of limitations and live happier lives.

Cat has distilled the most useful practices she’s found into her 4 Pillars of Happiness Method™.  This is a 12 week course that walks you through each pillar step by step, and allows you to try techniques that apply to each principle, apply it to your life and feedback on progress.   The method combines yoga and mindfulness with the science of happiness and applies a growth mindset through it all to enable you to take control of your mental health on your terms.


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