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This is more than a yoga and meditation retreat, it is an opportunity for personal development and transformation.

This 7 day stunning retreat experience in the heart of the Andalusian mountains of the Pyrenees also offers a course in Cat Duval’s 4 Pillars of Happiness.

Each is a pillar of practice.  Each module explores key themes and techniques from yoga and meditation, to EFT and forgiveness practice, from self talk to self discipline, from your wheel of wellbeing to your wake up routine, so you can create a clear vision and a strategic plan of action.

The week invites you to dive into the 4 Pillars of Happiness method in an immersive way so you can be guided on a journey of transformation, encouraging your inner voice and healthy boundaries, giving you structure, space to flow with what arises and personal attention all the way.

This retreat is perfect for people who are at a junction, looking to change and inform the trajectory of your life.   If you are ready to shed old stories and patterns that have been holding you back, create new habits that balance, inspire and empower you to be the best version of yourself – then jump on board and let’s ride the wave.

Are you ready to commit to yourself and make that shift? If you are then lets go. If not, then move on.  The course gives you useful tools in abundance – but if you want to evolve spiritually, it all starts with evolving your daily habits.  This retreat is designed to implement a wake up-shake up routine that you can take home with you, one that sets you up for success.  This retreat gives you an intimate community of like minded people to share and grow with long after the retreat is over.   You get out what you put into the experience, if you have the courage to take the leap, and do the work, the legacy could last a lifetime.

You are your own guru, I am merely your guide – you know what works and what resonates and it’s completely up to you what you take on board and what you shrug off.  But our time is precious and so I want to invite people who are excited, keen and proactive about their intentions as that will propel the whole group forward.

Cat is a senior yoga teacher with over a decade of experience teaching all over the world.  She is now a yoga and personal development coach based in Brighton working with select 121 clients in the 4 Pillars of Happiness.

To register, book your free consultation call with Cat to outline your challenges and aspirations and we both see if this retreat suits what you want and need. If not, no obligation, if so – you pay your deposit to hold your spot.

If you are an open minded, spiritually-aware person who wants to know the science behind the techniques then this will speak your language.  The course has a holistic approach to wellbeing that analyses some key themes and aspects like your physical fitness and wellbeing, food glorious food, self talk and self love practices, time for silence, as well as giving space for emotional and energetic release and of course the medicine of movement and dance – channelling your energy to celebrate being alive is the ultimate embodiment of samadhi!

You have the opportunity to dive into this course or dip in and out according to what strikes you interest but only those who complete all modules will receive a certificate.



07:00  Yoga and Meditation

08:300 Wake Up Dance

09.00  Breakfast

10:00 Morning Workshop

13:00 Lunch

14:00 You Time / Explorations

17:30 Sunset Yoga and Meditation

19:30 Dinner

21:00 You Time

You have the option to take part in these workshops in the mid morning after breakfast, and practice the material with others in the group after lunch.  Every afternoon you also have time to relax, explore and restore yourself and absorb the incredible atmosphere in the Andalucian mountains.  Two days will involve full day explorations into the local region, one to hiking/cycling trip and one trip to the local markets and restaurants.


Yoga that makes you happier

The science says we are happier when we have regular human contact. Social yoga promotes healthy connection, in fun and inspiring ways. 

Specialise as a Teacher

This is your chance to offer something unique to your studio, and your community and draw everyone closer together.

Create a culture of collaboration

Bringing communities closer together by working in pairs and groups doing yoga flows, games and poses together on the mat is a huge benefit to team bonding.  Social yoga is a fun way of engaging teams and inspiring them to understand eachother better and hence work more collaboratively off the mat – all while boosting overall health and wellbeing! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Carve a new path, post #metoo

Feel grounded and inspire safe spaces with our training on consent, touch and boundaries so you can create atmospheres that encourage safe human connection.  Build confidence in others and open the door to a new way of communicating from an authentic and empowered place.

Create Mindful Human Connection

Social Yoga Specialism

Book onto the foundation weekend straight away here!

This 25 hour YA certified course is a CPD specialism for qualified yoga teachers.

Course Details

Social Yoga Teacher Training Intro

Foundation Workshop

A One Day Induction to the course Material

CPD Course – Yoga Alliance Certified

New and existing yoga teachers eligible

Counts towards our 200 hour course

I am interested in the 200 hour Teacher Training!


Register and specify your interest in the 300 hour teacher training course and we’ll be in touch with our release dates.

If you are not yet qualified you can register your interest for the full 200 hour Social Yoga Teacher Training certified by the Yoga Alliance for Professionals.

This course will take place over 6 weekends over 9 months plus coursework to ensure sufficient training time, assimulation of the course material and embodiment of poses and flows in order to teach confidently.

Course Details

300 hour Social Yoga Teacher Training

9 Month Course


Contact Hours



4th – 10th September 2019: 1 Week Immersion  

@House of Light, Bayacas, Órgiva, Spain

5 x Weekends in the UK  

5 – 6th October: Principles of Yoga for Social Integration

2-3rd November:  Partner Yoga and Conscious Relating

7-8th December: Yoga for Building Healthy Teams

4 – 5th January: Acroyoga FUNdamentals

1 -2nd February: Partner Yoga Anatomy and Physiology



March and April

7-8th March: Mentoring Sessions

4-5th April: Mentoring Sessions

Personal Practice Time

Deliver 6 Week Social Yoga Course

Submit Videos of Practice 

Community Coaching Calls


Final Certification Week

6th – 13th May 2020: 1 Week Certification Celebration  

@House of Light, Bayacas, Órgiva, Spain

CPD Course – 300 hour

Certified by the Yoga Alliance for Professionals

New and existing yoga teachers eligible


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