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I’ll put this first because you probably clicked this to see my credentials.  It is useful, but after this is the mission bit and that I feel more passionate to share with you.


  • Senior Yoga Teacher, 2018, accredited by Yoga Alliance for Professionals
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, 2017 accredited by Mindfulness Brighton
  • Partner Yoga with Sun Moon, 2017, accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • Community, Family and Kids Yoga, with Rainbow Kids Yoga, 2016, accredited by Yoga Alliance
  • Acroyoga Teacher, 2015, Accredited by Acroyoga International
  • Thai Yoga Massage with Jungle Healing, 2014, Accredited by Sunshine House
  • Unity Partner Yoga at Unity Brighton, 2012, accredited by Independent Yoga Network
  • NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Techniques with NLP World, 2011, accredited by ANLP and Coaching Society
  • Hatha Yoga at the Ayurvedic Hospital India, 2009, accredited by Yoga Alliance.

I have been privileged to be invited onto the founders’ boards organising projects like the UK’s biggest free yoga festival now the Brighton Yoga Foundation, Croatian wellbeing festival island Obanjan, as well as creating community project partnerships offering yoga for young people experiencing homelessness with The Clocktower Sanctuary, Yoga Courses for NHS staff and mental health program to integrate clients and staff at Elysium Healthcare.  Most recently I set up and launched Yoga in the Sky on the iconic BA i360 in partnership with My Escape. In the face of covid I switch everything online and off the back of a free 30 days of yoga offering I launched a membership plan which still runs now.

My aim is to distill the best practices I’ve found into a system that also acknowledges our need to heal trauma from lifetimes of cultural heritage, raise our vibration together with the strength of tribe, and the clarity of personal responsibility. To align the head with heart in all key aspects of living, not only work with purpose, but to evolve consciously together, in a supportive safe space, and bring balance to our lives as a whole and create our own version of success with a sense of wholeness and healthiness. 


A world that celebrates radical authenticity and where health, happiness and healing are fully integrated into mainstream society.  


To make personal development and conscious living enjoyable, relatable and fun, and engage over a million people in yoga and mindfulness practices that explore our human capacity for growth and connection.



To meet mental health and wellbeing challenges head-on and facilitate grounded, confident and connected communities and individuals.

“The greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development.

I used to say – If you will take care of me, I will take care of you.

Now I say – I will take care of me for you, if you will take care of you for me.”

Jim Rohn

We are living in exciting times! The merge of science and spirituality is becoming more established over the years and neuroscience is now validating ancient yogic theories and practices.  The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga and meditation are no secret, it’s just a question of finding the people and practices you resonate most with.

We can train our brains to think positive through neuroplasticity, and feel happier by acting happier through embodied cognition – more on that later! For now it’s worth saying it’s amazing to be a professional in the field of wellbeing now – in this age of information where our capacity to discover is multiplied by the power of technology.

My name is Cat, you may have seen my big face up top! I founded Nine Lives Yoga in 2012 inspired to take the taboo out of spiritual discovery and make personal development a social experience and a social norm – a must for all humans! I love sharing breakthrough techniques with audiences and clients so they can feel happier in their lives.  Best job ever.  I relate well with straight-talking, open minded people who are discerning in their choices and take a practical approach to their wellbeing and spiritual development. 

Here’s how you can work with me:

1) Personal Coaching Programmes

One on one or couples coaching.

Personal:  My 4 Pillars of Happiness Method is the work of the last decade of working directly with upwards of 25,000 clients and seeing common threads, reading up on the science of happiness like a fiend and putting together my training and experience with the best techniques I’ve found from others.  I’ve put this into a 12 week programme where you explore the 4 pillars of peace, power, purpose and play and try proven techniques to shift subconscious blocks and get empowered to curate your best life. 


Couples: Partner Yoga and Acroyoga courses.  These courses enable you to just be with your partner, breath, stretch and connect. It’s great for established couples to ignite the spark again or new couples to deepen your connection. The focus can be fun and playful, tantric and sensual or challenging you both to uplevel your training together.   The courses teach you flows you can take home together to diffuse the tension in body and mind after a hard days work, support eachother to be the best of yourselves and laugh, play and explore together. Elements include thai massage, partner yoga and acroyoga and you can specialise on request. Courses are 3, 6 or 9 weeks.

2) Teacher Training

Social yoga teacher training bring to life the principles, practices and philosophy of yoga in the modern world and adds the power of connecting people. We enable people to build connection and trust on a deep level much faster and in fun ways.  They say you learn more about a person from an hour of Acroyoga than a year of conversation. You can apply this training to youth work, play therapy, teaching, training, yoga parties as well as the yoga studio.

My courses and workshops combine science and spirituality with a practical embodied approach and I love to see you smiling. I’ve worked over the UK, Europe and Scandinavia over the past decade and I love to travel!

3) Yoga Raves

The open minded part may come in handy if you plan to join one of our Yoga Raves! These move through meditation into humandala yoga and rock out into a dance party – with good tunes before you ask! We flow into partner yoga warm down and deep meditation to close. They are life changing even if I do say so myself! To prove it, try it out!  I launched the idea in 2013 and we now tour the festival circuit each summer all around the UK and Scandinavia for 80 – 1000 people a time so keep an eye on social for the latest dates.


4) Teambuilding

Bringing people together in mindful ways with a sense of humour, a social atmosphere and a grounded approach – both on and off the mat. These workshops can range from a talk with audience participation to full yoga and meditation workshops on mats and everything in between. The focus is on bringing your team together to get mindful, relax the mind, de-stress as we as connect as a group, build trust, communication and collaboration. We can tailor the sessions to your group.

The best way to align with your tribe is to feel the vibe!

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