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Hi! I’m Cat

Senior Yoga Teacher | Wellbeing Consultant

Yoga has a phenomenal capacity to heal, to empower ourselves, engage our bodies and remember our connection to the world. It walks us through the process of letting go of whatever holds us back and ignites our imagination and potential.  With the tools yoga offers us we clarify the mind through prana, detoxify the body through movement and have more energy to fulfil our calling in the world with a joyful creative spirit. 

My intention is rooted in engaging with people of all shapes, sizes and abilities and making yoga accessible.  Yoga is for everybody with every body type and is a pathway for growth and expansion in ourselves, so we can be empowered, confident in our skin whatever our shape, and fully present in our lives. There are so many wonderful techniques that help us carve our own way forward.  I love working with people individually, in partners and groups to create a programme that suits your motivations and aspirations for your practice and helps you develop that and wholeheartedly embody it. 


Yoga is my life and Acroyoga is my passion.  I take a multidisciplinary approach and am trained in Hatha (YA), Vinyasa flow (YA) , Unity Partner Yoga (IYN), Sun Moon Partner and Community Yoga (YA), Acroyoga (AYI), Thai Yoga Massage (AYI), Yoga Nidra, Meditation, Positive Visualisation, Hypnosis (ANLP) and NLP (ANLP) as a Practitioner.  I completed my first teacher training qualification in 2010 and have been continuing my training regularly ever since.  In 2016 I am focussing on deepening my personal practice and over the last few years, I have been lucky enough to be invited to teach all over the world from Sweden to Spain to Olso to my hometown of Brighton. So if you are interested in inviting me to your community, please do get in touch, I’m up for bringing the Acro-van all over Europe this year and beyond.

Happy Clients

My clients are from a wide range of backgrounds and I am always honoured to be let in and trusted. My clients include corporate team bonding sessions and regular yoga classes for NHS Staff, the management team at Higgidy pies, Unilever, and Google, as well as individuals who I coach in mindfulness and yoga techniques to manage stress and anxiety at work, in home and family life to get out of the mind and into the body, tackling specific conditions such as COPD and Crohn’s disease to help manage pain, in recovery from alcohol and drug addictions as part of rebuilding their lives, and to improve body confidence and capability, as well as couples who are wanting to connect more deeply together with a fun playful spirit.  I do a community project with young people currently homeless as a way of bringing peace to the mind in chaotic circumstances.  But really what you gain from yoga is down to you and how much focus you give to it. The question is, are you ready to get naked, let go the fear and step into being yourself? 

“Very enjoyable – challenging both physically, mentally and your trust in others. A new perspective to yoga. It was my first time and the level was just right.  I would recommend Nine Lives Yoga to my friends and family whole heartedly! 10/10” 
Kal Daudiker

Compliance Manager

“What an amazing experience! I loved the connection, trust building and challenge of the partner yoga. I found this so exciting and stimulating as well as SO much fun! Thanks so much! I will be recommending you to everyone!”

Feel Hot Yoga Teacher

“Cat utilises ancient yogic techniques that transcend core issues that get stored in the body as blocked energy which is extremely uncomfortable to live with at times. I’ve really benefitted from the techniques and skills she applies to her clients and work.”

Paul Weedon

Counsellor, Your Space Counselling


I am a bit of a workshop junkie and am continually inspired by studying with some of the greatest teachers around today.  Inspirations include David Sye (founder of Yogabeats), Daniel Scott (Acroyoga level II teacher and yoga provocateur) and Acobhakti (Acroyoga level II teachers and acrobats), Jaqui Wan (UK’s first Acroyoga Teacher and hardcore Vinyasa teacher), Erica Montes , Sevanti (Unity Partner Yoga creator), Marek Gabor (Thai Yoga Massage Teacher) as well as my friends and fellow teachers in Brighton. I continue to learn from my students and teachers every day and am grateful for a loving and supportive community.

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