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23rd - 30th July, 2022



Cat Duval facilitates this 7-day retreat, offering you the chance to immerse yourself in a process of inner transformation in safe and stunning space. Dive into your practice with yoga and meditation at sunrise and sunset, daily workshops practicing the 4 Pillars of Happiness.  Hosted in this family-run retreat centre offering home-cooked organic and raw vegan food, plenty of opportunity to absorb the beautiful views of Sierra Nevada National Park in southern Spain and lovingly prepared spaces to soak up the vibes, this retreat is set to reset your mind and open your heart into a new way of being.



Do you find it hard to switch off? 

Are you ready to shift old patterns and step into your true self in a relaxed, authentic way?

Want a yoga retreat that dives a bit deeper into your own personal development?

It's Time to Set Yourself Free

Get inspired, energised and practical about how to manifest that project that has sat on the back burner too long. Or drop that behaviour that sabotages your true potential. It’s time to dedicate time to you, so you can unravel the saboteur and ignite your potential with fierce grace.  Now is the time, and we have just the place in mind to let life flow by and focus on the inner work. 

4 Pillars of Happiness Retreat

A Day in the Life

7.00-8.00am Yoga
8.00-8.30am Meditation
9.00-10.00am Breakfast
10.00-1.00pm Happiness Workshop
1.00pm-2.00pm Lunch
2.00-6.00pm Leisure Time
6.00-7.00pm Yoga
7.00-8.30pm Dinner
8.30pm-Late Leisure Time

“Cat utilises ancient yogic techniques that transcend core issues that get stored in the body as blocked energy which is extremely uncomfortable to live with at times. I’ve really benefited from the techniques and skills she applies to her clients and work”

Paul Weedon

Psychotherapist, Your Space Counselling

What should I expect?

We will be a small group of 12 people max, we’ll be living in blissful gorgeousness with our every need taken care of. So you can spend time cultivating your 4 pillars of happiness.

They are the result of a decade of working with clients all over the UK and Europe on how to live life happier, in their skin, around body image, mental health, through relationship challenges, bonding teams, hosting group ceremonies, personal coaching courses, partner work, group work and inner work. They are the distilled version of what I’ve learned and seen and collected as the most potent practices together into this structure, to share with you.

“So what ARE the 4 pillars?” I hear you cry!  These pillars are foundation principles, behind which are specific tools and practices that embody this work. Practices that help you to process what is really going on underneath the surface.  From yoga, meditation, EFT, Intimacy work, non violent communication, conscious relating, business coaching, money mindset, surrender, dance and celebration, yoga raving, gratitude and forgiveness practices, embodied goal setting and vision. If you have done coaching with me you’ll be familiar, and this retreat will help you dive in to the practices and let the rest of the world go.  It’s a progressive course that explores these 4 pillars of happiness: Peace, Power Purpose and Play. 

Human connection is a fundamental need. Healthy humans want to be part of a supportive, loving community who accept you for who you are and help you to flourish as a person. 

At best, meeting, sharing and bonding with kindred spirits who are embarking on an intentional journey of personal transformation creates the depth, substance, growth and inspiration that is ripe earth for lifelong friendships to take root and blossom.  And at the very least, group connection creates a collaborative approach to healing, to help us see our blind spots, offer insights and the simple reassurance that you are not alone.  

This stunning location gives us the capacity to truly let go. To be taken care of, to rest the parts of the mind that always need to do to survive. You can switch off and soften into your heart and let your soul speak. You can turn the volume down on the day-to-day chaos of life and turn your attention to the subtle whispers of your higher self. The part of you that yearns to be part of a bigger picture, a calling, a deep service to the world by sharing your gifts in the way that only you can. The part of you that comes to life only when there is time for silence.

Retreat Schedule

July 24th – 31st 2021

Set in the stunning House of Light Retreat Centre near Sierra Navada national park in Spain.

We have been working together to plan this for you for some time.


Day 1

Arrival by 4pm.

Arrival and settle: Spend time in the contemplation gardens, by the pool and settle into your living space before dinner and opening circle.

Day 2

PEACE: this first pillar is all about finding a real sense of peace of mind and letting go of the busy lives to ground, centre and lay the foundation for the week

Day 3

DAY TRIP: BIG NATURE: Explore the stunning Sierra Nevada National Park that is right on the doorstep of our retreat centre. This day trip is all about getting lost in nature and letting her natural healing seep into your soul. Connecting with nature is the theme of this day.

Day 4

POWER: The second pillar is about stepping into your empowered self, being true to your heart and shaking off any stagnant patterns that have been keeping you stuck.

Day 5

PURPOSE: The third pillar is listening to your heart’s calling, tuning into your higher purpose and stepping up to align your life with that purpose. This can manifest in developing a passion project, clarifying your vision, bringing attention to areas you feel a void or simply bringing awareness to where your life is at and the direction you choose to go from here.

Day 6

PLAY: Life is for celebrating! Today is to do just that. We’ll dance, there’ll be music, we’ll do some acroyoga and partner yoga flows. Who knows, we may even dive deep into an intimate yoga rave experience especially for us and you may emerge the other side transformed and freer in some way!  Today is for freedom of expression. Playfulness and flow.

Day 7

SAMADHI: This day is about celebrating yourself and whatever gives you the most bliss. This can be a day to book a massage treatment, a private yoga session or 121 coaching. A day by the pool, a big walk or exploring the local cultural activities. 

Day 8

Final yoga and meditation sessions early morning, a beautiful brunch feast and closing circle before we depart taking great memories, tools and practices, and new-found friends home with us into our lives. Restored, renewed and ready for the next chapter to begin.

Departure by 12 noon.


Come and have a look around..

Yoga and Meditation

Every morning we’ll wake up with yoga and meditation to set the day off and every evening we’ll salute to the sun as it sets behind the mountains.


Exquisitely designed accommodation with just the right balance of sumptuous luxury, homely warmth and space for contemplation. 



At House of Light, all the ingredients that go into their vegetarian, vegan and raw food are either grown in our gardens or carefully sourced from local farmers.


A unique opportunityi to take time focus on your 4 Pillars of Happiness so you can immerse yourself in the experience, explore big nature, relax in the space and bring the benefits home with you.

Energy Exchange

How to Book

“Cat is a total powerhouse. She drives projects through to completion. As a yoga teacher and facilitator she is a force of nature, making everything joyous and fun as she takes you on a road to evolve your way of being.”


Melvyn Carlisle

Director of Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival London

Your stunning home for the week…

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