Yoga and mindfulness

for performance,

mental health

and social integration














Nine Lives Yoga offer social yoga

and mindfulness training for people

who want to relax more, relate better

and love your life 

“Cat is a total powerhouse. She drives projects through to completion. As a yoga teacher and facilitator she is a force of nature, making everything joyous and fun as she takes you on a road to evolve your way of being.

Melvyn Carlisle, Director

Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival

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Where music and yoga unite.

Music lovers experience the rhythm of the breath, and yoga lovers experience the rhythm of the bass.

Nine Lives Yoga hosts yoga raves and yoga parties for large scale events, festivals, retreats and private parties internationally.

Social Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga for social integration and mental health. In a world where loneliness kills, social yoga heals. Celebrating life, bringing communities together and deepening our connection, consensually – in ways keep you fit, make you laugh and make you fly!

Together we are stronger. Coaching helps you see your blindspots and uplevel your play – whatever your game.

Our 4 Pillars of Happiness Method takes you on a transformational 12 week course to a happy life.

Our partner yoga courses help you relax, connect and have fun together.

And our retreats give you space have a digital detox in stunning settings and dedicate time to your personal growth

Making things social makes them more fun, and builds bonds that last.

Our corporate programmes are all about inspiring compassionate leaders who bring out the best in people. We focus core values and mindful motivation with vision and purpose.

We bring it back to breath, body and being authentic.  If that aligns with your view, then give us an audience.

Speaking on all things yoga, mindfulness and the science of happiness.


We run programmes for non-profit organisations, schools and further education centred around yoga for social integration and mental health.

We explore partner yoga, acroyoga and mindfulness as well as addressing key topics such as setting healthy boundaries, developing trust and equal voice with the aim to enable healthy connection, emotional regulation, mind-body awareness and empowered communication from an early age.

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“You’ve made me feel so relaxed I got my wooly socks out in public Cat, I’m impressed!

Terry Christian,

Broadcaster, Journalist and Author 


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